UKO2 is a UK ISP


We are a UK ISP offering a fast and reliable service with free ISP services such as email, web mail, anti spam and anti virus as well as web space. Many ISPs will charge you a monthly fee for the above services. Not at UKO2. As a UK ISP we believe in making the internet available to everyone.

Simply sign up for one of our accounts now and you will soon be using a UK ISP with real customer benefits. You connect through your existing telecoms provider and pay only for the exact length of time you spend on line. This is know as PAYG, or pay as you go access. This is exactly the same method as used for mobile phones. Pay only for what you use and control the costs.

With UKO2 there are no fixed monthly contracts or amounts to pay. You are in complete control of how much you spend. You will be billed for a local rate call from your existing telecoms provider. Many ISPs will charge you heavily for calling their support lines. Not at UKO2. As a UK ISP we like to look after our customers and our free ISP services come complete with technical support on a local rate number.

Our free dial up UK ISP services are available throughout the whole of the country unlike broadband providers who not only charge a fixed monthly fee, but can not guarantee to reach all parts of the UK. As a true UK ISP, we believe it's only fair to offer the service to everyone in the community.

Benefits of our UK ISP include the following:
  • Free POP3 email accounts
  • Free Spam Blocker
  • Free Antivirus Filter
  • Free Web mail
  • Free Web space
  • High quality, low cost Technical Support
  • Free Internet Access