What is an ISP provider?


An ISP or ISP provider is simply an organisation with facilities to allow you to get on line and surf the internet to look at your favourite web sites, send and receive emails or chat to friends on line.

There are many different types of ISP provider ranging from large multinational organisations like AOL or BT plus many smaller independent ones such as UKO2. We are an ISP provider specialising in dial up access offering free internet services. Many an ISP provider will charge you on a monthly basis for accessing the internet. Not at UKO2. We firmly believe in making the internet available to everyone in the community. By choosing us as your ISP provider, you will be able to receive all of ISP services free of charge. This includes free email with web mail available when you're travelling, free anti spam and anti virus for email and of course free web space as well.

If you choose to use UKO2 as your ISP provider, simply sign up for an account now and you can immediately be on line using us as your free ISP. Your only cost will be the cost of a local rate phone call to your telecoms provider when you connect. If you're not on line, you're not paying. It's as simple as that. We put you in charge of your own costs and we can't say fairer than that.

Our systems work with all modem types from 56k up to and including 128k ISDN for business access. With UKO2, a single dial up number covers all types of dial up access. When it comes to support we like to play fair there too. Our support numbers are on local rate so you won't get any nasty surprises on your phone bill if you've called our support desk.

Use UKO2 as your ISP provider for the following benefits:
  • Free POP3 email accounts
  • Free Spam Blocker
  • Free Antivirus Filter
  • Free Web mail
  • Free Web space
  • High quality, low cost Technical Support
  • Free Internet Access