Make UKO2 your ISP


UKO2 is a UK based ISP which has attracted thousands of users since launching in 2003. We are a free ISP which means that all of our services to you are provided free of charge. Using our service means you will only pay for the cost of a local rate call to your telephone company. We offer you free email, free anti spam and anti virus for you email. When travelling, why not use our free web mail service? An added bonus of our ISP is that we also give you a very generous allowance of free web space with your account.

Signing up to our free ISP service couldn't be easier. Simply click on the signup button on any of our pages and you can be on line using UKO2 as your ISP immediately. Our fast and reliable dial up allows you to surf the net, send and receive emails and chat to friends on line at any time of the day or night. We are a subscription free service and don't charge you any monthly fees. Why pay for ISP services when you don't use the service all day long? With UKO2 as your ISP you are in control of the costs as we offer a PAYG or pay as you go service. This works on the same principle as a pay as you go mobile phone. If you don't use it, you don't pay for it. People often sign up for a service which incurs a monthly fee and never receive full value from it. With UKO2 this can't happen as you only get charged by your telephone provider with the length of time you spend on line.

Benefits of using UKO2 as your free ISP are:
  • Free POP3 email accounts
  • Free Spam Blocker
  • Free Antivirus Filter
  • Free Web mail
  • Free Web space
  • High quality, low cost Technical Support
  • Free Internet Access