Free ISP


UKO2 is a UK based free ISP offering free dial up on a local rate number. Our service to you is free. With a free ISP you only pay for the cost of the call connecting you to the internet. Our services work for home user 56k modems up to and including 128k ISDN suitable for business users. This makes our free ISP service ideal for most types of users from home to business.

We offer one of the fastest and most reliable free dial up services of any free ISP in the UK.

How does a free ISP work? We receive a percentage of call charges from your telecoms provider and this allows us to provide you with free email services including POP3 and web mail and free web space. All of our free ISP accounts come with free anti spam and virus filtering. What is spam and virus filtering and how does it work?

By using UKO2 as your free ISP you will be using an established free UK ISP with some of the best features and services around. As well as free email and free web space we offer support through email and also on a local rate number for telephone support.

Benefits of using UKO2 as your free ISP are:
  • Free POP3 email accounts
  • Free Spam Blocker
  • Free Antivirus Filter
  • Free Web mail
  • Free Web space
  • High quality, low cost Technical Support
  • Free Internet Access