Free Internet


At UKO2 we like to make the internet accessible to everyone and that's the reason we like the idea of free internet. Unlike many large ISPs who charge you a fixed monthly amount we don't think that's fair. You have to pay even when you're on holiday or travelling with work. The large ISPs like to have you tied in to them in as this helps them to sell you other totally unwanted products.

We want to get you on line and we believe that free internet is the way to do this. You pay only for the cost of a local rate call but all of our services are absolutely free. This includes email with web mail for when you are travelling, free anti spam and anti virus and free web space. Not many of the larger ISPs offer this and if they do, they will probably want a fixed monthly amount from your bank account. Our idea of free internet is totally different. Simply create an account on our UK ISP and you will soon be using one of the quickest and most reliable free dial up services in the country. Our services are available throughout the UK. Our free internet services mean that you only pay for the cost of a local rate call to your existing telecoms provider. We receive a small percentage of the call cost to operate our free internet services.

With your UKO2 service, you can send and receive emails, surf the net or chat to friends on line and when you're not using the service you're not paying.