How Does UKO2 Free Dial Up Connection Work?


A Free Dial Up Connection is a connection to the internet made by dialling up a local rate access connection number.

Simply put, Free Dial Up Internet Access is a cheap and easy way of accessing the internet whenever you want to.

When using a free dial up connection you are not 'always on' the internet. When you want to access the internet you must have your telephone line plugged in to the modem port on your computer, then your computer accesses the internet through your telephone line to allow you to surf the net or check your emails.

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There are no download restrictions with your free dial up connection and to close the connection all you do is hang up. Free dial up is the most cost-effective way of surfing the internet and means that you only ever pay for what you use (unlike other types of connection that are always on - even when you're not using them). Free dial up internet access allows you to control the cost.

The free dial up service UKO2 provides is absolutely free! Your telephone service provider will charge local call rate only for the time you are online - as little as 1p per minute. And with the high quality and speed of the UKO2 free dial up service you will find surfing the internet to be very economical.

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