Free Anti Virus Filtering


Computer viruses are a common and serious threat that are regularly contracted through email. To prevent our users receiving viruses by email we have enabled anti virus filtering on all user accounts.

Any email sent to a UKO2 email account that contains a known virus will be removed.

Whilst many computer viruses are transmitted via email it is also possible for you to infect your computer by downloading files from the Internet. To protect your computer fully from computer viruses you should install anti virus software. There are many commercial products available but for those on a tighter budget we recommend trying Grisofts excellent FREE anti virus software AVG Anti Virus. For more information please visit their web site.

The anti virus software running on our servers is Clam Anti Virus. Clam are an industry leader in mail server anti virus technology. Visit their website for more information.

PLEASE NOTE! Our virus filtering removes the majority of known viruses, however, you should also take steps to protect your self with Anti Virus software on your own machine

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