Free Anti Spam Filtering


UKO2 now has "Spam Filtering" enabled on all user email accounts in a bid to prevent you the user receiving unsolicited spam email.

Known Spam signatures within emails sent to UKO2 user email addresses are removed before they reach your computer.

Spam has become a great annoyance to all internet users over the years so we're doing our best to make sure you don't receive any.

Our spam filtering system is Spam Assassin which is an Industry leader in this field. You can find out more information at their website.

Spam Assasin

What is Spam?
Email spam targets individual users with a direct mail message. It's very similar to receiving junk mail through your letter box only junk mail doesn't cost you money to pick up off the mat. Spam, unwanted email, costs you the user to receive. Many people that use a dial up Internet connection read their mail while connected, meaning that the receiving, reading and dealing with of spam mail actually increases the cost of using the Internet for them.

Although we are doing everything we can to prevent you from receiving spam email we can in no way guarantee that we will filter all spam email.