FTP Configuration - WS-FTP


1. By default WS_FTP loads with the Ipswitch ftp account, ftping to this will allow you do update and download other version of WS_FTP.

2. Click on NEW and enter the following settings:
The PROFILE NAME is What ever, My Site is an example
The HOST NAME/ADDRESS is hostname.myisp.com or yourdomainname.com if you have your own domain name.
The USER ID is the ftp username for your account
The PASSWORD is your ftp password.

Once these details are correct, click on OK to connect.

Once connected to the FTP site you will see two windows. The window on the left hand side of the screen shows your hard drive and the window on the right hand side shows to contents of the domain FTP site. You can navigate in either window by double clicking on the yellow folders, to go up a level double-click on the arrow at the very top of the window. The arrows in the center will allow you to either FTP UP content to your webspace or DOWN to your local hard drive.