FTP Configuration - Fetch


On running Fetch you should see the following dialogue box appear:

As you can see you will be confronted with four boxes.The Directory field you can leave blank, however you will only need to fill in the first three fields,

1. Host - hostname.myisp.com or yourdomainname.com if you have your own domain

2. User id - ftp username

3. Password - ******** (You will need to put your ftp password here)

When you have entered your login information Press OK and you see the following Dialog box:

You will see on the left a main file window. The files shown here are only an example, for unles you have actually uploaded and files the main window will normally be empty. You will see two buttons in this dialog box Put File and Get File they will allow you to both upload and download files from your Personal Webspace.

Put File : When you select this button you will see

From here you can search your computer for the file that you wish to upload. Once you have found the required file you need to highlight it as shown above and then select Open. You will see another small Dialog box which just asks you to confirm that you are uploading to the correct destination. When you are happy that the information is correct press OK and the file you specified will be Uploaded from your computer to the Remote / Personal webspace.

Get File - When you want to Download a file from your Web Space simply press Get file and you will see :

If you know where the file you want to Download is located then simply specify a Path e.g c:\home.html if you can see the file you want in the Main file window just Double click on it and you can choose where on your computer you can save this file.

This Dialog Box is the result of pressing the Get file button, as you can see you can save the file you have selected to download into any pre-existing folder or you could create a New folder purely for Downloads.