FTP Configuration - Anarchie


Once you have installed Anarchie it works in the same way as any other FTP Client. When you run the program from the icon located on your Macintosh Desktop you will see a Bookmark Dialog Box appear :

As with any other Macintosh application you will have a Menu Bar located at the top of the screen. You need to go to the FTP Menu and select FTP you will be confronted with the following screen :

Server - hostname.myisp.com or yourdomainname.com if you have your own domain name

Path - You can leave this field blank

User Name - ftp username

Password - ******** (You will need to put your ftp password here)

When you have entered your login information Press List and you see the following Dialog box :

This Window is an example of what you will see when you have connected to your Personal Web Space. The files you see are there for example. When you log on to your Personal Web Space for the first time this window will probably be empty. If you want to Upload or Put Files onto your web space you will need to select the FTP menu again. Once connected there is an option to Put Files that appears you can choose the file off your Macintosh that you wish to place in your Webspace using the standard system search utility.

Just select the file you wish to upload and select open and the file will transfer upto your Webspace.

When you want to Download files from your Webspace you can do this one of two ways.

1. Highlight the file in the Webspace window (as above e.g. labelled Nex) and goto the FTP menu and choose Get Selection the resultshould be the file being transferred to your pre designated path / location on your Macintosh.

2. Simply Highlight the file / files in the Webspace window and drag them accros to your Desktop. Once you have done this you can put them where you want to at a later date.