Email Configuration - Eudora


First time set-up

1. When using Eudora for the first time, a configuration wizard will appear:

2. Click on the Next button:

3. Select Create a brand new email account and click Next:

4. Enter your name as you would like it to appear on outgoing mail, and click Next:

5. Enter your email address and click Next:

6. Enter your username and click Next:

7. Type in the address of the incoming mail server - and click Next:

8. Fill in the address of the outgoing mail server - and click Next:

9. Click on Finish to complete.

Configuring existing accounts

Go to Tools and then Options to bring up the following window:

Getting Started

Checking Mail

Incoming Mail

Sending Mail

Further options for message formatting, attachments, stationery, and so on are further down in the Category list.