Email Configuration - Outlook Express


1.Open Outlook Express. In the Menu Bar select Tools then Accounts.

2. Click on the Mail tab.

3. Go to Add, then Mail.

4. You will be asked to enter a 'Display Name'. This is the name that appears in the 'From' field of any e-mails you send, i.e. John S, or John Smith etc.
Hit Next.

5. Now you are asked to enter an e-mail address. This is the address chosen upon signing up to your isp.
Hit Next.

6. Check that POP3 is selected where 'My incoming mail server is a ... server' is displayed.

You are now asked for the mail server names.
Incoming: or if you have your own domain name.
Outgoing: or if you have your own domain name.
Hit Next.

7. Now, you need to enter you username and password for your email account as supplied by your isp.
Hit Next.

8. You have now successfully configured your email account, click on Finish.

9. To make sure you are using the correct dial up account you now need to edit the account. Click on Tools and Accounts.

10. Select the mail tab and then highlight your mail account and go to Properties on the right hand side.

11. Select the connection tab at the top and tick, always connect to this account using, now select the appropriate dialup connection from the drop down list.

12. Click Apply and then OK. Your email account is now configured and set to use the correct dial up connection.