Email Configuration - Outlook Express


To start, load Outlook Express and click on EDIT on the menu bar and select PREFERENCES.

Add a New Email Account

From the Preferences box select Accounts > E-mail.

Select New Account You will be prompted for a new account name (This is only to identify your mail account from others, and may be anything you wish. eg."my email account")

Click on OK You will then be reqired to fill in the following details.

Full Name:
This can be anything you wish - it is how your name will appear on your sent E-mails.

E-Mail Address:
Enter your emai address as specified by your isp

SMTP Server: or if you have your own domain

Account ID:
This will be your email account username

Pop Server: or if you have your own domain

We will now look at how to edit an email account in Outlook Express.

In the Preferences box select the account you wish to edit from the Mail Account window.

Replace the existing details with your own.

To conclude the editing of the account, click on the OK button.