Dial Up Configuration - Windows ME


1.To begin the internet connection wizard, go to your Start button, to Run... and type Inetwiz, then click Okay

2.In the Internet Connection Wizard dialog box, first select Connect using my phone line and click Next

3.Select Create a new dial-up connection

4.Enter 0845 in the area code box and the dialup number for your isp in the telephone number section. Check that the Country/Region code is on United Kingdom (44) and click next..

Now enter your dialup username and password as provided by your isp. click next.

6. Enter a name for the connection for example the name of your isp and click next

7. Now the wizard allows you to configure an email account. If you already have your email account configured click on no. If you would like to configure your mail account click yes and then next.

8. Select "create a new internet mail account" and click next

9. Enter the name you wish to use as the "from" name when sending an email for example your name.

10. Now enter your incoming and outgoing mail servers. These will take the format of mail.yourispname.com or if you have your own domain name mail.yourdomainname.com

11. Now enter the username and password for you email account and click next.

12. Congratulations you should now have configured your dial up and email account.