Dial Up Configuration - Windows 9x


1. Go to My Computer, then Dial up Networking. There will be at least one icon in here, called 'Make New Connection'. This allows you to set up a connection to the Internet.

Double click on the Make New Connection icon.

2. You will now be asked to provide some information.

When asked to 'Type a name for the computer you are dialing', enter the name of your ISP (uko1).

When asked to 'Select a device', make sure that it shows the correct modem type.

(Check in Control Panel/Modems if unsure.)

3. You are now asked for an area code and telephone number.

Enter the area code and phone number as supplied by your ISP.

Check that the Country Code is set to the UK. Hit Next.

4. Press Finish. Now, right-click on the dialup icon and select Properties.

5. Check that all the information in the initial window is correct. If anything is wrong, correct it as above.

Click on Server Types.

6. You now need to remove the ticks from a few of the boxes. First of all check that 'Type of Dial-Up Server' is set to PPP, Internet etc.

Below is Advanced options. Remove the tick from Log on to network. The only box that should be ticked is Enable Software Compression.

In Allowed network protocols, remove the ticks from NetBEUI and IPX/SPX Compatible. The only one that should be ticked is TCP/IP.

Click on TCP/IP Settings.

7. Check that 'Server assigned IP address' is checked.

Make sure that 'Server assigned name server address' is checked.

Press OK, and OK again to close the Properties window.

w9x007 (7K)

8. Now, double-click on the dialup icon. This will bring up a window that has fields for Username, Password and Phone Number. Enter the username and password you were given upon signing up.

9. Press Connect.