Dial Up Configuration - Apple Mac OS9


To access the Internet Setup Assistant go to:

Apple : Internet Access : Internet Setup Assistant
Alternatively this can be found by going to the Mac hard drive/Internet/Internet Utilities/Internet Setup/Internet Setup Wizard

Launching this brings up the following screen:

Would you like to set up your computer to access the Internet? (select YES)

Do you already have and Internet account? (select YES)

Click the right arrow to continue

Enter a name for the configuration, for example use the name of your isp and select the modem option.

Enter the settings appropriate for your modem type

Now enter the account details for your dial up as provided by your isp.

Answer No to using a PPP connection script.

Answer No to, "is there an IP address for this configuration?" IP address's are assigned by the dialup server.

Enter the following in the DNS servers box and

Internet setup wizard now allows you to configure your email account. Enter your email address and password for your email account as specified by your isp.

Now enter the mail servers for your account. Your mail servers will take the form of mail.yourisp.com or if you have your own domain name mail.yourdomainname.com

Enter the news server for your account, again this will either be news.yourisp.com or news.yourdomainname.com if you have your own domain

Select No when asked "do you use proxy servers for your internet connection?"

Congratulations you have now configured your dial up connection.

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