Dial Up Configuration - Apple Mac OS7


Mac TCP/IP is available from the Control Panels. Select the PPP icon. Make sure the IP Address is

Then click More. Then this window will open:

Click on the Manually button in the Obtain Address section. Now select A from the Class pull down menu.

Domain: Type a full stop "." in the first two boxes.

IP Address: Type in the first box. In the second type (Make sure that next to the first box you selected Default, as in the picture below).

Gateway Address: Type in the box.

Now select Server from the obtain address area. Press the OK button, and close TCP.

Now choose Config PPP from the control panels folder.

[Note : this window might look slightly different, but everything should work the same]

Next, click the button New

Type YOUR ISP NAME as the PPP server name

Click OK

Click the Config... button:

Then modify all entries to make your window match the one pictured below save the phone number and the port speed. Check the number for the dialup device type you wish to use, and select the correct port speed for your device.

Click Connect Script...

You should set your window to look like the picture above, but do not forget to replace -ENTER USER NAME HERE- and -ENTER USER PASSWORD HERE- , with your user name and password. When finished click the OK button.
Now you can connect to the Internet.