0845 Dial Up


What is 0845 dial up and how it works

Free internet access works when dialling into either an 0844 or 0845 dial up. Our free ISP uses 0844 as there is a lower contention ratio than on 0845 dial up and should give you faster speeds than 0845 dial up. You simply register with UKO2 for your free dial up account with us.

Once connected you can surf the internet, send and receive emails or use chat programmes. The beauty of 0844 or 0845 dial up is that it is a PAYG or pay as you go product. This means that you only spend for the exact length of time you spend connected. Why pay for a service when you go on holiday or if you simply don't want to use it for a few days? Millions of people use 0844 and 0845 dial up as a fast reliable way to receive free ISP services. You pay you telecoms provider for the cost of a local rate call and UKO2 provides email, anti virus and anti spam plus web space for free. We receive a small payment from your telecoms provider which allows us to offer free ISP services.

By using free internet access from UKO2 you control the costs and as there are no contracts or expensive pieces of hardware to purchase this is the most cost effective way to surf the net. We thoroughly recommend using a free ISP offering 0844 or 0845 dial up.

Benefits of using UKO2 as your free ISP are:
  • Free POP3 email accounts
  • Free Spam Blocker
  • Free Antivirus Filter
  • Free Web mail
  • Free Web space
  • High quality, low cost Technical Support
  • Free Internet Access